Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ministry Plan 2014...What is MAF doing in Lesotho?

Recently, we met with our MAF team to create our Ministry Plan for 2014.  It was an exciting time of collaboration with our team mates for Sam and I.  We got to hear more in detail the heart's desires of individuals on our team as well as current ministry thrusts we are each seeking both within the MAF aviation frame as well as on our own out in the community.

While our purpose in being here is to reach isolated people in the mountains through aviation, there are a variety of creative ministry thrusts happening here in the capital city of Maseru.  For example, one of our national staff is pursuing seminary classes on his own time and walks to a far away training facility once a month to do this.  He has completed 5 of 25 classes so far and his end goal is to be more equipped to reach his own people.  Another one of our national staff is working with his local church to build schools and meet the needs of OVC (orphaned and vulnerable children...whom are plentiful here).  One of our expat staff families is partnering with their local church to also reach OVC through an intensive soccer ministry outreach and discipleship.  Sam and Sawyer have joined this outreach and we are amazed at its effectiveness.  One of our expat mechanics uses his downtime in the hangar to do projects for the military guys who we share an airbase with.  Another one of our national staff visits the local dump and prays with the homeless living there.  Another expat family has a heart for new missionaries in town and goes out of their way to show them around, invite them over, give cultural tips, and generally ensure a smooth transition for future success and longevity.

While every program may have its weaknesses and difficulties, Sam and I continue to be grateful for this team and for the diligence we see in so many of our team mates to either SPEAK the Word of God or SHOW the love of Christ in this community according to the gifts and talents God has given them.  It takes faith, diligence, and collaboration to work together until the last one has heard that Jesus Christ came to reconcile humanity to God.

Ministry Plan Meeting 
Sam and Ntati Sefiri, MAF's hired pastor and evangelist, became fast friends and accountability partners.

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