Monday, September 12, 2011

A day at the Danforth Christian Academy

Sawyer starts off each day at the Danforth Christian Academy at 9:20-12:30.  Join us for a day!
9:10 drop Elaina off at school
9:15 wave goodbye when Mrs. Warren comes to get Elaina 
9:15-9:25 play at the school park for a few minutes
9:35 Arrive at Starbucks for curriculum work (until we move in to our home on this
side of town, then school will be at home)

9:45 check lesson plans
9:50 Pledge of Allegiance to our home made flag, discuss big words
9:55-10:00 review yesterday's work
10:00-10:05 write full name thrice
10:05-10:10 check work and make corrections
10:15-10:30 Word Building from Accelerated Christian Education curriculum or Phonics workbooks
10:30-10:45 Character building reading or Bible story from A.C.E.
10:45-11:00 Science on all sorts of nasty things :)  Today was bats.  Tomorrow is worms.
11:00-11:05  Memory verse from A.C.E.  This week is "In everything give thanks" 1 Thessalonians 5:18.  The memory verse coincides with the Word Building, Character reading and Bible story.  A.C.E. Science curriculum is on its way in the mail and will also coincide with the memory verse.

11:05-12:30 drive to the YMCA and do P.E./swimming lessons with Mommy, eat lunch
12:40 drop Sawyer off for afternoon kindergarten with Mrs. Ross

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Bold prayers could result in the death of a loved one", said our Bible study leader on Tuesday night.

We are studying the book of Luke and marveled at Zechariah's prayer/song over his son, John the Baptist.  He prayed and prophesied boldly in faith over his son and his son did indeed go on to prepare the hearts of many for the coming of Christ.  "When the angel told Elizabeth that she would have a child, he didn't tell her that her son would later be beheaded.  When he told Mary that she would have a child, he didn't tell her that her child would be killed", continued our Bible study leader.  "Think though, about how the bold prayers and obedience of these mothers and fathers blessed the nations".  Praying today for obedience and faith for my children.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of school!

Today is our first day of school in Spokane!  The kids have been counting the days and woke up early in excitement of it FINALLY being here!  Elaina started classes at 9:10 and Sawyer at 12:40.  After Sawyer and I dropped Elaina off, we headed to the YMCA to swim for "P.E. with Mommy".  We may alternate mornings between the YMCA and kindergarten curriculum.  Pretty exciting!
First grade and kindergarten! 
New dangly earrings 

"To Mrs. _____ , I'm so glad to be in your class!"
Dropping Elaina off.  Sawyer was VERY excited to walk through the hallways 
Mrs. Warren is Elaina's teacher.  Notice the yellow butterfly's name!
Mrs. Warren.  Sorry Mrs. Warren, we'll get a shot with open eyes next time ;)
Elaina's desk
Big girl!

After the YMCA, Sawyer and I got lost for half an hour on the wrong side of town :( so we didn't have time to do pictures in his room, but I'm sure I'll hear ALL about it in a few hours!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hello Kindergarten and 1st Grade!

Next Tuesday the kids start kindergarten and first grade at Brentwood Elementary!  Sawyer got to spend some time in his classroom this morning and his teacher seems very sweet.  I had to pry him away from his new "classroom that is TOO cool" so we get go school shopping with new friend, Megan (owner of Saint Bernard #2).  Below are the kids' picks for the year:

No, she doesn't have to wear a uniform, we just liked how it looks!

Sawyer's going plaid.