Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Epic Mother's Day Disaster...

By all rights, this Mother's Day morning was an epic disaster.  And it was my favorite Mother's Day morning in history.  Here's why:

Elaina and Sawyer woke up early to make me breakfast in bed.  From my cozy sheets, I could smell oil warming in a pan and I knew E's famous scrambled eggs were on the menu.  I dozed back off into bliss.....

How much longer later?  I have no idea, but now I smell toast.  Mmm, my son's toast.  Nom nom.  Time to nod off again.

Now I hear machines.  Machines?  Whirring.  Lots of whirring.  Hmmmm.

Up, up, up the stairs they come.  They peek around the corner and I see they have a tray with 2 home made cards and.....a smoothie?

"Bwaaahahahaah!!!  MOMMY!  We tried to make eggs!"

"Yeah!  I heated up the oil and when it got hot, Sawyer went to get the eggs!  There weren't any, Mommy!  We looked all over, but they're gone!  I grabbed the pan and threw it in the sink with water and smoke was going all over the place!

"And then, Mommy, I made toast!  But we didn't know which way to turn the nozzle, so it was all black!"

"Haha!  Yeah!  All black!"

"So we decided to not try THAT again!"

"So then we made a smoothie!  I poured the berries, orange juice, milk and yogurt in the blender and..."

"And Mommy!  When we turned it on, OJ WENT FLYING ALL OVER!  It was leaking all out the bottom and we couldn't figure out why!"

"So I grabbed the blender, teeehhheeeehheee!  I grabbed the blender and I knew JUST what to do!  I finished making your smoothie in your Kitchen Aid!"

"Hahah!! MOMMY!  First we turned it on level 2, then level 6 and OJ WENT FLYING ALL OVER!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

By now, I am CRYING, these kids are TOO FUNNY!!!!!!  My Mother's Day smoothie was very, very, very chunky.  Bless their hearts, they gave me a straw and I did my best.  Best epic disaster ever.  Why?  Because these children knew to TRY, TRY, TRY AGAIN and when all else failed, they tapped into brilliance without me chiding over their shoulder.  God smiled upon us, friends, when He gave us children.


  1. That is just the best story I've read today yet. :) Happy Mother's Day from across the miles, friend. You are clearly doing a marvelous job!

  2. I love this story! Best Mothers Day story ever! You have the sweetest kids. You're one blessed mother for sure!

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