Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Samish Island Encore

We hit up Samish Island again for a stunning Memorial Day weekend.

Crab Hunting

Crab Hunters x2

The whole town has these paintings of people all over :)
Thank you to our service men and women.

Interesting water spout

Good ideas from the local antique shop

Sam even found a guitare at the antique shop!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meet the boss!

We had supper tonight where I met our boss for the first time :)  John Armstrong and some of his friends envisioned and created Proclaim Aviation Ministries for people like Sam and I.  It serves to bridge the gap for people who are done with aviation school and want to get overseas, but for whatever reason aren't  ready to join a sending mission organization yet.  Proclaim has been wonderful for us and the team that serves at headquarters in Minnesota works hard to get people like us overseas.  We are incredibly grateful for how God allowed us to partner with Proclaim for this year of training and instructing at Moody.  John and his family have been hoping to get overseas themselves, so they are actually headed to South America in the near future.  We will miss him and his gift of thinking outside the box to further God's Kingdom, but we are excited for his future.

Sam's turkey

Sam got his first turkey with a bow, so we're itching for some grilled turkey breast next week for supper!  Thank you to his new hunting buddy and his sweet back yard!

I guess it was stinky because it was a "Texas Heart Shot".  If you don't know what that is,
I'll let you google it, I'm not about to explain it on my family blog!  :)

Daddy comes to school!

Sam had the day off on Thursday and was able to visit our home school co-op for the day!  Check out some of the classes he saw!

"Adventures in Lewis and Clark" - Making Moccasins

Elaina gets a little help from the teacher.

"Sculpy Clay" - Making a dinosaur sculpture

"Wings" - Making paper airplanes and checking the distance traveled by different types

He had help from his own mechanic :) 
The "Moth" model wasn't the greatest :)

"Tae Kwan Do"

Sam and I didn't understand half the commands, but the kids sure did!

Relay races for Tae Kwan Do

Monday, May 14, 2012

Some days...

Some days are fancier than others, heavier than others, easier than others, cooler than others, longer than others.  We've nothing fancy, nothing new, nothing easy or cool to update on.  Today was a "heavier, harder, and longer than others".  This game of life has twists and turns; unprepared for, unexpected ones.  Sometimes there is no need to go into the "what" of the twist or turn, but to press on to the "How will I handle this so as to be blameless before God and make my life a sacrifice of JOY in His salvation today?".  Nothing fancy, nothing easy, nothing cool for today.  But a day nonetheless to proclaim His truth to this heart of mine and claim His joy as abundantly mine.