Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meet the boss!

We had supper tonight where I met our boss for the first time :)  John Armstrong and some of his friends envisioned and created Proclaim Aviation Ministries for people like Sam and I.  It serves to bridge the gap for people who are done with aviation school and want to get overseas, but for whatever reason aren't  ready to join a sending mission organization yet.  Proclaim has been wonderful for us and the team that serves at headquarters in Minnesota works hard to get people like us overseas.  We are incredibly grateful for how God allowed us to partner with Proclaim for this year of training and instructing at Moody.  John and his family have been hoping to get overseas themselves, so they are actually headed to South America in the near future.  We will miss him and his gift of thinking outside the box to further God's Kingdom, but we are excited for his future.