Saturday, February 21, 2015

"If you could do anything" Full Circle

Remember when I asked my friend what she would do with her life if she could do anything and she said she'd study to become a home based care giver?  She has been a house cleaner for 10 years and is ready to see what else there might be for her.  That story came full circle recently.  

We were able to send Doris to a 6 week intensive home based care training program at the Genesis Training Centre.  Last month, she received her Certificate of Competence in home based care giving!  This certificate opens a host of new opportunities for Doris in a line of work she finds fulfilling.  It has been humbling and wonderful to see the Lord open these doors for Doris!  We've helped her create a CV and gather reference letters.  In the coming weeks, we will deliver her CV to various local retirement homes and hospices.  Please pray with us that the Lord will provide a fulfilling job for Doris where she can share her love and joy with others!

Doris receives her Certificate of Competence from the Genesis staff.

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