Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mailing Address...

Our mailing address for the next few years will be:

Sam Danforth

c/o MAF Lesotho
 PO Box 931 
Ladybrand 9745 
South Africa 

*PLEASE mark on any packages "GIFT, no commercial value" to avoid us paying any unnecessary fees.


Our Danforth Four Newsletters will come out quarterly.  If do not currently receive these and would like to, please contact us!  You can sign up for hardcopy or e-letters.  These will take the place of the periodic email updates we used to send out.

This blog and our facebook will continue to be updated.  We may have limited communication the first month or so in Lesotho as we settle in and try to put down new roots.

We will find out our phone and facetime/skype capabilities when we arrive.

SUPPORT and one-time gifts should continue to be sent to:

Mission Aviation Fellowship 
P.O. Box 47 
Nampa, ID 83653 
Account: Danforth 9017

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Little Goodbyes...

Little Danforths have just as great a need for healthy closure and meaningful goodbyes as Big Danforths.  Elaina and Sawyer have said many goodbyes to little friendlies recently.  Every once in awhile they have the opportunity to say goodbye to a big friendlie who has invested in their lives.

This week, Elaina did lunch with someone very special to us.  This someone poured love, joy, energy, and sound teaching into Elaina during her kindergarten year in the public school system.  This someone is a bright spot in the journey of our lives because of her investment in Elaina.  Teachers, don't be fooled.  Your one year with a room full of students can impact a child for life if they can sense your love and joy during their formative years.  Thank you, Mrs. Steil, for the gift of love you shared with us and all the other elementary friendlies!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Cousin Fun...

Sam's brother and his family came to visit for one last cousin shabang and goodbye.  The cousins had a sleepover in the sunroom, drove the ranger, and picked cherries.  A pretty good weekend, I'd say!  This is mostly for Momdee who lives in Africa and needs to see pictures of her grandbabies :)

Cousin Sleepover!
Ranger Drive Lessons!

Picking cherries!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What is it like to be commissioned?

What is it like to be commissioned by your church for overseas service?  That entirely depends on how deeply you've invested in them and they in you.  It entirely depends on if God has given you those moments where you get to stick together through thick and through thin.  It entirely depends on if you have been fiercely loved and fervently prayed over by a few special ones sitting in those pews.  It entirely depends on if you look out in that sea of faces and could shed tears over the specific sacrifices that you know THEY are making to send you overseas.  It entirely depends on if you have the body of Christ like we have at Grace Fellowship Church.

Sunday July 14, 2013 our body of Christ commissioned us for service overseas.  What a powerful day it was.  I can't quite muster up the words to describe what it meant to us.  Powerful message, powerful emotions, and powerful bonds of love that have been established over time.  We love this family.

"The harvest is PLENTIFUL, but the laborers are few; THEREFOR PRAY EARNESTLY to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Mat 9:37). But when you do, know that the Lord might just see your hand raised.  -Pastor Rob Borkowitz

These little VBS friends raised money for our vehicle fund!  Such an honor to receive!

The Double Meyer Hug :)  This whole family means so much to us.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


It was a joy and honor to be able to join our family for the 2013 Carson Reunion (Anna's mom's side) to celebrate family fellowship and a 60th anniversary.  The last reunion was a decade ago and we marvel at God's timing that we were able to participate in this one before our journey overseas.  God is adding to the number of believers in our family and it was an incredible moment in history to celebrate God's work in our lives.

In his dreams :)

Cruising in Grandpa's old cars!

Buffalo Farm
Buffalo stampede!
Sam led worship on Sunday morning.
Celebrating Gpa and Gma Carson's 60th!  (And our 10th!)
There are many teachers in our family so we visited a one-room school house.  The teacher instructions were intense!  These are from South Dakota but Iowa's would have been similar.  Our fave is #4.

Photo scavenger hunt!