Sunday, July 21, 2013

Little Goodbyes...

Little Danforths have just as great a need for healthy closure and meaningful goodbyes as Big Danforths.  Elaina and Sawyer have said many goodbyes to little friendlies recently.  Every once in awhile they have the opportunity to say goodbye to a big friendlie who has invested in their lives.

This week, Elaina did lunch with someone very special to us.  This someone poured love, joy, energy, and sound teaching into Elaina during her kindergarten year in the public school system.  This someone is a bright spot in the journey of our lives because of her investment in Elaina.  Teachers, don't be fooled.  Your one year with a room full of students can impact a child for life if they can sense your love and joy during their formative years.  Thank you, Mrs. Steil, for the gift of love you shared with us and all the other elementary friendlies!

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  1. Beautiful. I still keep in touch with my second grade teacher from ASOY, as well as several from middle school. Good teachers are a treasure. :) I'm glad Elaina had one from early on. And that she and Sawyer have parents who understand about the importance of saying good goodbyes.