Tuesday, July 9, 2013


It was a joy and honor to be able to join our family for the 2013 Carson Reunion (Anna's mom's side) to celebrate family fellowship and a 60th anniversary.  The last reunion was a decade ago and we marvel at God's timing that we were able to participate in this one before our journey overseas.  God is adding to the number of believers in our family and it was an incredible moment in history to celebrate God's work in our lives.

In his dreams :)

Cruising in Grandpa's old cars!

Buffalo Farm
Buffalo stampede!
Sam led worship on Sunday morning.
Celebrating Gpa and Gma Carson's 60th!  (And our 10th!)
There are many teachers in our family so we visited a one-room school house.  The teacher instructions were intense!  These are from South Dakota but Iowa's would have been similar.  Our fave is #4.

Photo scavenger hunt! 


  1. So funny to see all your family together. Don't think I have ever seen you with your parents or your brother. (Grace is in Sabrina's class.)