Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of school!

Today is our first day of school in Spokane!  The kids have been counting the days and woke up early in excitement of it FINALLY being here!  Elaina started classes at 9:10 and Sawyer at 12:40.  After Sawyer and I dropped Elaina off, we headed to the YMCA to swim for "P.E. with Mommy".  We may alternate mornings between the YMCA and kindergarten curriculum.  Pretty exciting!
First grade and kindergarten! 
New dangly earrings 

"To Mrs. _____ , I'm so glad to be in your class!"
Dropping Elaina off.  Sawyer was VERY excited to walk through the hallways 
Mrs. Warren is Elaina's teacher.  Notice the yellow butterfly's name!
Mrs. Warren.  Sorry Mrs. Warren, we'll get a shot with open eyes next time ;)
Elaina's desk
Big girl!

After the YMCA, Sawyer and I got lost for half an hour on the wrong side of town :( so we didn't have time to do pictures in his room, but I'm sure I'll hear ALL about it in a few hours!


  1. BIG DAY AND BIG DEAL. Lookin' cute in their new clothes. :-)

  2. Anna, you are such a great mom! :~) Happy first day of school, Elaina and Sawyer!