Monday, October 14, 2013

Life at the Hangar...

Check out a typical day at the MAF hangar...
MAF's hangar can currently fit 3 of our 5 airplanes inside.  That's a bummer when it hails here.  We are currently drawing up plans for a new and larger hangar not far from our current location.
Sam has been working on the plane that you saw outside the hangar.

Meet Joe.  I think Sam's goal is to see how much he can pester him on any given day :)
Pestering includes, but is not limited to: serenading, airsoft gun wars, and endless teasing.
A quick stop in the finance office to say hello to Kim, who has become "auntie" to Sawyer and Elaina.
Joe fails to miss Sam's airsoft pellet yet again.
Meet the maintenance guys.  Walt, Roger, Roger #2, Joe, Sam, Thoahlane, and Retabile.
Roger, Sam, and Joe are the longterm maintenance specialists for our program.

Sam hears an MAF plane come in from a trip to the mountains.
MAF pilot, Danny, lands after bringing back a dentist who has been
working out in the mountains for the last several days.

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