Saturday, July 7, 2012

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose."

This is a journal entry in October of 1949 by Jim Elliot, a Mission Aviation Fellowship pilot, who later lost his life in service.  Though he words it more eloquently, we share this view with the Danforth family motto of "Until the last one has heard."  We had been planning to serve on the missionfield with JAARS in Cameroon, but God has closed those doors.  He opened our eyes to Mission Aviation Fellowship.  MAF spreads Christ's love around the world through disaster response, medical assistance, evangelism and church nurture, community development, and training and development.  In the 90's, MAF pilots are the ones who flew Sam's family and many other missionary families out of danger during an evacuation from war in Congo where he grew up.  They also flew him to and from home and boarding school and he grew to love their logo seen below.

MAF's innovative runway for disaster relief after Haiti's earthquake in 2010.
Medical Assistance

On Tuesday, we went to MAF's headquarters in Idaho to hear more about their work and how we may partner with them.  Sam is scheduled to take their technical evaluation later this summer.

Part of Sam's technical evaluation will be working on this!

Recruiting Sawyer was easy.  MAF strategically placed M&M dispensers in the hangar :)

Please pray with us about a possible future with MAF!


  1. One of my favorite quotes from a missionary I highly respect. So thankful for God's provision in this next step in your lives. Praying.

  2. Great to hear! God will lead you, in His best time. Spend as much time with Him as you can right now.

  3. I'm sad to hear you won't be joining our team. :-( He is faithful to lead though as we follow...sometimes following with sad hearts but still feeling blessed to serve. He will lead you to your perfect niche.