Tuesday, July 17, 2012

True Masculinity...

"True masculinity expresses itself as a desire to serve women and children by leading them, protecting them, and providing for them.  True masculinity is about unselfish servanthood.  It has nothing to do with muscle size or athletic ability."  - William P. Farley, Gospel Powered Parenting Ch. 7

Sometimes I take for granted how far God has brought our family over the years.  A young man and a young woman get married and their ideals of what family devotions should look like clash.  Discouraged, the young man withdraws from leadership.  Desperate, the young woman takes on roles that, by God's design, should be his.  Prayer and supplication, trial and error, conviction and purging of sin from the Holy Spirit begin to work like yeast in this young family.  Day in, day out.  By God's grace alone, young husband begins to assume leadership in the family.  By the Holy Spirit's conviction alone, young wife begins to surrender roles back to their rightful owner.  She grows in deep respect of him and he grows fondly in love with her.  This cycle, God?  Is this what your good plan is...that Christ die for the church and that the young man learn to love his family sacrificially?  That Christ serve the church and that the young man would learn to serve his family by leading?  I like your plan, God.  I like your ways.  Thank you for how far you have brought us and for the transforming work you promise to continue doing in us.  Thank you for the Young Man I married long ago.  Shall I not praise you for your wonderful gifts?

"...I found him whom my heart loves."  Song of Solomon 3:4