Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blood, sweat, and tears of joy packed away

Packing up the Danforth Christian Academy today. The familiar melancholy revisits my heart as it faithfully does at the end of each year as a teacher. Bittersweetness runs through my brain as I file away meticulously colored pictures of the Mayflower, joyous brushstrokes of flowers in fields, homework splattered with tears of frustration, crayola colors of hunting with Daddy, coffee-spilt arithmetic, crinkled and wrinkled memory verses, stacks of sight words. I have loved you, year of 2011-2012. I have loved each moment of homeschooling my babes. Thank you, God, for this year of sweetness, this year of richness, this year of depth with these little souls entrusted me. I trust you know I've done my best with the gift of your grace. I look at these little desks, these little chairs, and reflect on the hours we have spent in this den of learning. A treasure in my heart forever...these hours of brain expansion, of character building, of Mommyness when I didn't think I could do it. 
Thank you God. Your gifts have been good.

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