Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts.  They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God..."  Acts 2:46-47

This is the description we get of the foundation of the early church.  The fellowship was deep, the atmosphere joyous, and the result was spiritual growth and awe.  Last week in Iowa with our family and church family was deep, joyous, and spiritually impactful for us both.  How GOOD it was to be back, breaking bread with our family and home church body and to hear of how good God has been to the people we love and how our friends and family have perservered in faith while we have been away.  At times, our topic of conversation was sobering and at times truly joyful.  All the time, however, it felt so GOOD and so RIGHT to hear their stories of God's faithfulness in their lives and to share our own stories.  Scroll down and check out some of the super joyous times!
Uncle Sam and Uncle Josh team up to give the Cousins a thrilling night ride in the pasture!

Water balloon launcher!
Crazy Father's Day Photo Scavenger Hunt
Raspberry picking for the scavenger hunt
Crazy Danforths!
We are so excited about the beautiful bride God provided for Grandpa.
Flower Girl cousins
Ring Bearer cousins

We met our nephew, William!  What a cutie!
On Father's Day, Caleb formally shared his testimony of how God has done a 180 in his life this year.
Truly one of the most incredible and meaningful things for an older sister to hear from the lips of her younger brother.
Ahhhh, and friends, sweet friends.  Grace Brethren welcomed us back; some with tears, others with bear hugs.
So loved.
Geocashing :)

Loved loved loved seeing smiles we have missed!

Super sweet fellowship with as many people as we could squeeze into a week.

Sam and Karen even fit in a ping-pong challenge :)

Thank you, sweet friends and family, we loved being reunited with you each!

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