Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas in a nutshell...this morning's discussion

Elaina: "Mommy, what is this magazine with a girl holding a goat?"
Me:  "Oh, that is Mrs. Campbell's magazine, it came in the mail today.  That is what some people do for Christmas.  Instead of getting presents, they go through the magazine and choose a chicken or a goat for a family in Africa.  They send their money for presents to buy the goat or chicken instead to help someone else have a better life."
Elaina: "Really?  I want to do that!"
Sawyer: "Yeah me too!"
Skeptical Me: "Well, do you understand that means you don't get a present?  The money that Daddy and I would use to buy Legos or dolls would buy a chicken for someone in Africa instead.  Do you still want to do it?"
Sawyer:  "Yeah!  I want to send a big fat chicken!  Besides, Christmas isn't all about presents anyway."
Elaina:  "Yeah!  I want to send a goat!"
Me:  "Wow, guys, a lot of kids would say "Well, never mind about the kids in Africa, I'll choose presents instead."  I'm proud of you."
Sawyer: "Oh Mom, for sure if you told those kids that the people getting the chicken are poor they would change their minds and give instead!"


  1. Your kids are wonderful. And they have terrific parents.

  2. So heartwarming,Anna. Your kids are amazing but then so are you!