Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chez nous aujourd'hui

A snibit of the Danforth home today...

Those of you who know me well know that this type of mess kills me.    Some days, though, kids needs to be allowed the creative freedom to do THIS and figure out forts, playhouses, pretend cribs,  and pirate ships.   I have to bite my tongue and dwell on what it will look like AFTER I make them clean it all up :)  

Playhouse complete with chimney, door and windows.

Home made rolls for Thanksgiving.  Grandma's recipe.

One of my favorite sights in our backyard.  The blanket that lives in the tree.
The kids spend SO much time up this tree, this keeps them toasty.  

Elaina's always making/discovering SOMETHING.  Today she found sap from a tree and
tried to make rosin out of it for her fiddle.  :)


  1. homemade rosin! brilliant!;) did it work? :)

  2. Most delicious rolls ever! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family, Anna.