Monday, August 8, 2011

See, this friend has this excavating business...

... and we were not about to pass up the opportunity to visit him at work over the weekend!

Liberty Excavation

Our tour took place from the comforts of the "Pit Mobile".
Our new friends, John Tom, Trudy and Amanda all work together to run the place.

It was magnificent to watch John Tom at work on these machines!
A real man's toy :)
After the tour, we headed to the man made pond for some fun and met...
the zip line, a.k.a. "Death's Hook".
No turning back now...
Sam's plunge
Crash landing!
Anna's plunge
And she keeps her dignity!!!
At the bottom of the zip line we found some little friends.
"Mommy, can we keep one?"  Yes, let's just make it 10 while we're at it.    Most of our new little pets didn't even last long enough to be named, so we let the rest go at the river.   

It was TOO cool to visit the Konzal's at work and we hope you enjoyed it too!


  1. Awesome! I haven't tried the Zipline...but I will have to soon. The Konzal's are wonderful and great great servants of the Lord. Glad you were able to get some time with them.

  2. Can't imagine how big those machines looked to Sawyer and Elaina. What fun!!!