Wednesday, August 31, 2011

House #3!

Last night we moved to house #4, another superb basement apartment!  We will be staying with the Matthews, another Moody family, for this week.  Check out the new pad!
Sam and I sleep on this side

Elaina's favorite accessory: the nest chair :)

The kids sleep on this side

Upstairs, there is a GREAT sitting room with hot tub.  Yeah, that's right, I said hot tub.    It's pretty rough :)

House complete with two Saint Bernards.  Meet Sarah Molly.

Sawyer is usually nervous about dogs.  Unless they are as big as a dinosaur.  Less intimidating for some reason (?).  Meet Fred.  
Lovely back patio

Next week we will move back to our original basement apartment until the end of September.  At that time our "real house" on the other side of town will open up.  It may seem like a lot of bouncing around, but it has actually been a blessing and provision from God because we are getting to know Sam's co-workers really well and are having good fellowship as we stay with them.


  1. I can see the logic behind the big dogs thing. I mean, little dogs are yappy and anxiety-inducing. Big dogs, especially fluffy, friendly ones, are just cuddly. :~)

    Nice hot tub!

  2. Flexibility - thankful for it. Nice place. New scenery. What more could you ask for? : -)