Sunday, August 3, 2014

South African Expert Novice...

Tomorrow marks one year that we've been in Africa's southern region.  Here are my expert novice thoughts on life down south:

1.  I love driving here.  Sure, it's on the "wrong" side of the road, but it's an exhilarating rush for horrid drivers like myself.  And for others on the road with me.

2.  Did I say that I love driving here?  Unlike the US, there is a lot more gray area in the driving etiquette arena.  Drivers in all parts of Africa are adept at adapting to the situation.  If say, a friend of a friend of a friend forgets that she's driving in South Africa and takes off pell mell down the wrong side of the highway, no one reacts with frantic honking and flashing of lights.  They simply adapt to her and merge out of her way, allowing her the gracious freedom to realize her mistake in her own sweet time. Much to far down the road.  But nonetheless, she realized her mistake.  Shame.

3.  "Shame" is one of South Africa's most commonly used words.  I can say this with all the experience of an expert novice.  There is no translation for "shame" in American, so I've gladly adopted the term as a new outlet of expression.  It can mean, "Isn't that cute?!" or "Dude, what a bummer!" or "How sad!" or "Awwww!" or "How embarrassing!" or....

4.  I think South Africans must teach their children that if they're going to do something for someone, they better do it with the jolliest attitude they can muster and say, "Pleasure!".  Guy takes my grocery cart to return it to the cart station and when I say, "Thanks!"  he grins with a, "Pleashah!".  New friends teach us how to make South African stew (poitje) and when I express gratitude, they grace me with a, "Pleashah".  I like this.

5.  If the driver in front of you is going slower than you would like, he'll pull over so you can pass him.  Brilliant system.  Once you've passed him, you flash your emergency lights as a "Thank you".  Then he'll flash his headlights as a "Pleashah!".

5.  "Lekker" means "cool".  And when you live on the coast with surfer dudes, EVERYTHING is lekker.  All the time.

6.  "7 for 7:30" is actually a saying when there is a meeting that is going to take place.  It means, "Show up at 7 if you want to socialize, but we're actually starting the meeting around 7:30".  I never did do well with time constraints in America.

7.  Everyone has dogs.  And everyone has at least one Jack Russell Terrier.

8.  Of everyone I have met at the grocery store and in shops, only one has guessed I'm American.  Everyone's first guess in Australian.  Guess number two is Canadian.  I don't think we get many 'muricans down in these parts.

9.  Our meat is organic and more free-range than you can imagine.  And my husband is one happy guy.  Lekker, dude.

10.  This is a land of gentlemen and ladies, but no pretense.  An incredibly fascinating culture for the anthropologically-minded and a thoroughly enjoyable one to live in for all.

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