Friday, May 10, 2013

Orientation at MAF...

MAF's staff does a phenomenal job of preparing us pre-fielders for life on the field.  We have completed Orientation, which is two weeks of training on life on the field.  Sessions ranged from culture shock, team dynamics on the field, spiritual warfare, managing stress, proper forms of communication with your team, marriage building, a closer look at Islam, child safety, and learning to say meaningful goodbyes.  Outside of the classroom, we also had the opportunity to visit a farm and get some hands-on time with butchering and cleaning two goats and a chicken.  We are thankful for MAF's professionalism and foresight and bringing in highly trained and equipped instructors for each of these sessions.  We learned so much and we know that God will use these tools in our lives for the effectiveness of our testimonies.

Orientation class led by MAF staffer Deb Scheuermann.

Orientation Class

The "Draw How You're Feeling" session.
Indonesian Meal
The kids were in classes each morning learning about what it means to be a TCK (third culture kid), about MAF,
 and about processing differing cultures, and about their respective country assignments.
Training outside of the classroom.  Food Provision.

Chicken processing
An Africa "Brai" (BBQ) with the Africa pre-fielders.

This has nothing to do with Orientation, but on our time off, we refined some of those outdoor family skills :)
A necessary skill for a Danforth MK :)


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  2. Great to see your fun orientation at MAF! Looks like you've learned some great stuff while having tons of fun doing it! :-) Especially chasing goats and chickens! The Saoto looks great and exactly like what we eat here in Suriname. There are lots of Javanese folk in country so we get to enjoy all their great food!
    Blessings as you continue finding your prayer/financial partners!