Sunday, December 30, 2012

Celebrating Sawyer and Selling Goats...

To market, to market
To sell some fat goats!
Home again, home again
to celebrate Sawyer turning 7!
Sam and Josh woke up at the break of dawn to load up Josh's first batch of goats to sell at a local auction.

Meanwhile, Kimia made Sawyer's favorite breakfast for his birthday which we celebrated early!
She is one fantastic aunt!
Sawyer told us for the first time that he doesn't like birthday cake that much and would rather have donuts.  Hmmm.



  1. Sawyer joins the donut cake club :) Coleman will be so proud of him. Sometimes it just takes being honest with everyone else... that you don't like the cake they've been feeding you all these years. I think Coleman was about this age when he confessed! Love you guys!

    1. @ Doni, I thought of Coleman right when he said he wanted donuts instead of cake :) Where do you think I got the idea to stack them on a plate with a candle on top?! :)