Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weight of The Word...

"This is what each of you keeps on saying to his friend or relative: 'What is the Lord's answer?' or 'What has the Lord spoken?'  But you must not mention 'the oracle of the Lord' again because every man's own word becomes his oracle and so you distort the words of the living God, the Lord Almighty, our God."  -the prophet Jeremiah 23:35-36

These Words may be as meaningful as reading a telephone book some days.  Not today.  These Words weigh on me, these Words of the Living God who declares, "Is not my word like fire?".  These Words don't look like oj(*&#$nsetO*&%#NJkjbadfg to me today.  They are fire in my heart.  My heart flumped crazily in my chest when I read these Words.

"every man's word becomes his oracle and so you distort the words of the living God"

Have I done that?  How many times?  How many times have I offered advice or spoken a word adorned with a flippant verse here or there claiming it to be the very Word of God before searching my heart and His Word for true meaning?  The Word of God that is like Fire?  Fire.  Word.  Am I equally sober in handling the two?  Because when the one is distorted it leads to death, but when the other is distorted it leads to Death.

Thank you, Living and Almighty God for using your Word even in my foolishness.  Make me understand the weight of your Word and give me your Holy Spirit to speak freely and carefully of it.

Speak freely.  Speak carefully.  There is Weight in these Words that bring Life.

Help me, Lord, to be your humble servant.

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