Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"One person...

...was not ashamed of the Gospel, and now 30,000 people in Cameroon have the Word of God in their own language".  Sam couldn't contain his emotions as he recounted the faithfulness of a girl many years ago who had an influence on my dad surrendering his life to the Lord, and how that led to the Nooni Bible translation.  It was Sam's turn to do chapel at Moody and you could have heard a pin drop as Sam bared his heart.  The heart that, through the pain of waiting for years to return to Africa, has finally been shaped by God to understand that we are called to be faithful and unashamed of the Gospel HERE and NOW, rather than waiting for the "someday".  Our lives are the very testimonies of God's transforming power, of His joy in taking the grime and turning it into beauty through the blood of the cross.  Be not ashamed, declare with boldness and joy that you are declared "Not Guilty" by God's grace!  You never know the glories it may lead to!

Chapel with Moody Aviation students

Presenting the Nooni Bible to Cecil Bedford, Director of Moody's Aviation Program
*one of Moody Aviation's graduates drove the Nooni Bibles to the village of Lassin to be distributed

Click here for the Nooni Bible translation video.

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