Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Mom, I think it's because we don't pray enough about it..."

...says my beautiful ballerina fairy girl on the way to school this morning.  We made a mad dash of the morning, and it really was mad on my part.  We were late and every glove, every water bottle, every shoe, took an eternity and time I did not have to spare.  I let it show with my sighs and groans and whip-like tongue.  We cram into the van and we drive like crazy people to the home school co-op, half an hour away.  "We don't need to get so frustrated when we're late, Mommy.  We're always late.  I'm used to it. Why aren't you used to it yet?  I think it's because we don't pray about it enough that you get so frustrated".  


 God slammed the brakes on my rushing heart and I heard His tender wisdom spoken through the lips of my girl.  I mull it over for a minute, though mind you, we're still going 7 over.  "You are right, Elaina.  I don't WANT to be used to being late because I shouldn't let it be a habit.  But I also shouldn't get so frustrated when I AM late.  You are right that we need to pray to ask God to help give peace and joy to my heart".  We prayed and though we were late, my heart was restored.  Sometimes the constraints, time constraints, of this life are hard to live by and I hope God will continue to use every means possible to reach my hard and immature heart in those moments, to bring me back to green pastures and still waters. Even the means of lips of a babe.

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  1. Thanking the Lord for all the lessons I have learned from my children!