Friday, January 6, 2012

Nooni New Testament Dedication.... WE'RE BAAAACCCKKK!!!

Lassin buddies Eric and Tah 
Fixing Joseph's gun (see video!)
Lassin Airstrip
Meeting new Misaje translators (6 translation projects Mom and Dad are now overseeing)

Dad recognizes Mom as a faithful team mate in the translation work

Road from Lassin to Misaje

Yaounde sunset at CTC

Trip to Misaje

Reminders of how I grew up...before solar panels made it to Lassin!

Lux/Danforth family at Mom and Dad's new house in Misaje

Our friend, Dustin Greenup, put together this short video clip of the Nooni New Testament dedication.  To see more on our trip to Cameroon, please visit our facebook page SamAnna Danforth for a slew of videos.


  1. This is beautiful! Thanks for posting the videos. Loved the one with the gun but really loved the New Testament celebration.

  2. I am sure your trip was amazing. We are so pleased to be a part of you returning to Cameroon full time. We plan to take a family trip to Ethiopia this summer so we will be visiting at least your home continent:)