Sunday, December 11, 2011

So good to be home...

As an MK, home is where your family a village, a capital city, Iowa, Indiana, doesn't matter where.  What matters is who sits in your living room, delights in your kids, drinks tea with you at night, and hugs you like they never want to let go.  What a sweet taste of Heaven.

Mom and Dad Danforth, Josh, Kimia, Maddie and Maia

Kimia always has some fun crafty thing for the kids.
Yesterday was decorating pretzels in chocolate and sprinkles.

Hide'n'Seek with cousin Maddie

Uncle Sam and Maia

Getting our Christmas tree with Mom, Dad, and Maddie

Snowball fight!

Christmas Cookies!!

Kimia's parents, Uncle Kim and Aunt Jan, are like family.

Giving some Guinea Fowl a good chase :)

Silly Cousins


  1. What a fun bunch of people!! Looks like all the cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents are having a wonderful time together this winter -- what a rare treat!

  2. Aww so fun! You guys have an awesome family and I love you all :)

  3. ENjoy your family time! Love you guys.

  4. So thankful for this family time for you. Say hi to your folks and keep having fun!!!