Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sam Sam the Handyman and Crossfit...

Sam Sam the Handyman has been busy at the Genesis Youth Centre!  The gates of Genesis continue to be flooded by a myriad of youth who use the Youth Centre's gym and music academy.  This continues to be an awesome platform for building a stronger, more skilled, more equipped, and more spiritually fine-tuned generation of at-risk youngsters and teens along the south coast.  Thanks to the foresight of the Youth Centre's director and a substantial donor from the US, Crossfit has found it's way to Genesis.  Doors open in February and already, phones are ringing off the hook from a community desiring a healthier lifestyle and positive outlet.  Sam has been busy building efficient spaces, including a women's locker room and a childcare room for parents who will be working out. Join us in prayer that the Lord will use this as yet another super duper cool venue at Genesis to engage the community as a means to share His Word!  

Women's locker rom

Childcare room
Inside the childcare room
Hauling tools to the Youth Centre

I helped Sam for a day...until he said I was creating a nail graveyard. 

The Lord provided a local donor for all this flooring!
Sam Sam the Handyman

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  1. So thankful for you, Sam and the talents God has given you. AND we are also thankful for all of you as you serve the Lord and watch as He changes lives. Praying for you.