Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Day in South Africa...

Yesterday, a dear new friend, Kim, took us on a coffee date in South Africa (30 minutes across the border).  It was so enjoyable to see such a different side of Africa at Living Life Coffee Shop.  We also picked up our new Irish Wolfhound pup, Caoimhe or "Keevah".  Caoimhe means "gentle" in Gaelic.

Living Life has an awesome playground for the kids!

Meeting Caoimhe!

Meet the Amazing Auntie Kim!  She takes her role as the MK Auntie very seriously, which we love!

Getting Caoimhe across the border. 


  1. Thanks for all the pictures! Love the new puppy! Is it a girl or a boy?

  2. What a great friend Caoimhe will be. Congratulations!!!! Great pics.