Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sam on the Back Country!

Sam is done with his maintenance training at MAF and passed with flying colors!  Praise God for this amazing time of preparation!  We were supposed to head back to Iowa tomorrow morning BUT one thing you learn in this life is that God sometimes plans amazing opportunities that pop up and you want to leave wiggle room to take Him up on them!  Sam has been in training with 3 pilots who are also heading to the field.  Their climax of Standardization is the Back Country trip where they spend 3 days in the mountains putting their skills to the test with some crazy airstrips and illusions.  This morning, Sam was invited to go along!  We are so thankful for the opportunity for Sam to get out and connect with his brothers in Christ as well as share in their flying learning experiences!  One of the pilots is future Lesotho team-mate, Matthew Monson, so it is exciting for Sam to be able to see him in action before we hit the field together!  Added bonus: the pilots have a maintenance specialist on board for the next 3 days...that can only be a good thing :)
The Standardization Guys!  Aaron (pilot), Matthew (pilot), Sam (mechanic), and John (pilot)

Pre-flight by MAF pilots John Boogaard and Matthew Monson
Pre-flight by MAF pilot Aaron Kramer
The Standardization guys and their instructors
Their pre-flight is very routine and thorough (and fun evidently!).
Pre-flight with Matthew
The kids all get ready to wave goodbye to their daddies!
Sam flew in Aaron's plane for the Back Country.

Future Lesotho team-mates, Matthew, Carolyn, Caleb and Baby!

One happy boy!
Heading out!
One last goodbye.  See you in 3 days, Daddy!


  1. I love these! Great job, Anna;) so excited for you all...and also to see you when you ARE back in Iowa, of course:)

  2. Blessings on YOU as you solo-parent those precious ones in the next few days, Anna. And what fun that you're getting to know some of your future teammates already!