Saturday, March 16, 2013


Several of our trunks for our shipment to Lesotho got flooded.  PRAISE God that only one of the trunks was destroyed and that we were able to salvage the rest.  Among the destroyed things were our books and Elaina's baby book.  But, again, praise God that Elaina's baby book wasn't beyond hope and we were able to remove each picture and should be able to keep those memories!

Cutting out each picture
Drying each picture!


  1. Oh wow, had to be a discouraging discovery! But, like you said, Praise God you were able to save the precious pics! Sylvia

  2. Oh, Anna! I'm so sorry to hear/see this! My own baby pictures were lost when I was little, so I have actually only ever seen a couple photos of myself as an infant. I don't really know what I looked like! I join you in being thankful that Elaina's photos were salvageable!