Monday, February 25, 2013

Have you hugged your missionary today at DISNEY?!

The "Have you hugged your missionary today?" posts met a new level while we were in California!  During the 2 weeks of Sam and I meeting up with old friends and supporters in CA,  Elaina and Sawyer did an AMAZING job of staying up late, meeting new friends, sitting through long talks, and sometimes sharing their own hearts with our friends about the move to Lesotho.  At the end of our trip,  a dear church buddy called and said she and her small group wanted to send us to DISNEY for a day!  "I think EVERY child should experience Disney at least once in their lives and you HAVE to take your kids there before moving to Africa!", she bubbled on the phone.  I could hardly believe it and kept trying to let her off the hook, "Oh, but it's so expensive, you really don't have to, if it doesn't work out, that's fine....".  She wouldn't have it.  Our family was going to Disney no matter what!  She sent us our e-tickets and we didn't tell the kids.  Monday morning, we hopped in the car and started driving...destination unrevealed.  At one point, Elaina said, "Uh, Mommy, why does that sign say, 'Disney Avenue'?" :)  Teehee!  I caught their faces on camera when it dawned on her and Sawyer what was about to happen :)  It was such a joy to watch our kids just be KIDS after several weeks of being carted around to meet Mommy and Daddy's friends.  THANK YOU, Matt and Amber and Cornwall Bible Study, for an amazing memory that will last a lifetime and THANK YOU for believing that Elaina and Sawyer should experience Disney before heading to Africa.
"Why does that sign say, 'Disney Avenue'?"   :)

Try as you might, that sword is NOT coming out!
A case of the teacup swirlies!
The Indiana Jones ride was AWESOME.  A little intense for Sawyer, though, who came out claiming,
 "I don't want to watch that movie till I'm 43!".

Toon Town! 

Thank you, Bible study friendlies!


  1. What joy! You got your Disney adventure after all! :~)

  2. How very awesome for this gift from your Bible Study friendlies! Wonderful surprise! :-)