Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jesus And Me Kids...

Growing little people's understanding of Christ.  Jump at the opportunity, no brainer, right?  Each Wednesday night is JAM Kids at our home-church (Grace Brethren Church) where we get the next 4 months to help in crafts and in the 1st-2nd grade room.  Tonight's lesson evoked the questions, "What do we give back to God?  What is our love gift back to Him?  Is it our best, our cream of the crop, our top choice?  Or is it the worst that we have, the leftovers....the blemished sheep?".  What good questions.  And what a cute craft to take home as a reminder :)

Dawson in our kindergarten class did such a great job on his sheep!

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  1. So glad you guys are helping and love the pics of my little boy!
    Thanks, Anna!
    Love you guys and glad you are back!