Monday, April 30, 2012

Through tiny eyes

Life through tiny eyes is beautiful.  Tiny eyes tell you that...

#1 Mommy needs a spa when she gets done jogging, so you set one up.

  #2 Life through tiny eyes tells you that even if you are a little boy, you're not too cool to paint Mommy's fingernails on this hand.

 #3 And that if you are a little girl, you don't care if it's messy, you care more about showing love by painting fingernails on this hand.

 #5 Life through tiny eyes tells you that if there are chores to be done, you find creative ways to pitch in.

 #6  Life through tiny eyes tells you that after you read "The Boxcar Children" life will never be the same and that forts are a necessary part of life.

 Lord, give me life through these tiny eyes who bring love and life and healing to this world.


  1. That is the most colorful fort, ever! Love it ;)

  2. love all of this! I love the Boxcar Children!!!!

    Love and miss you guys!

  3. It's so funny that you mentioned Boxcar Children. Jonah just got sent that book set for his birthday. That's his summer reading assignment from us.