Thursday, October 13, 2011

Africa class

Elaina with Mami Banla in 2005
Elaina and Sawyer's first class of the day, Expedition Earth, at our home-school co-op was on Africa! How fun!  I couldn't help but listen in from outside the door and finally had to pop in to hear the rest :)  Their teacher did a wonderful job and Elaina and Sawyer got to share their passports with the class.  They thought they were supposed to BRING them to class this week, but I think the teacher had just asked last week if anyone HAD a passport.  It worked out perfectly because they got to show the class their visas to Cameroon and talk about what visas are.  Next Thursday the teacher invited me to do a lesson on clothing in Africa.  I can't wait!  Reliving memories of taking Elaina to my village when she was a few months old.

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