Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sam's job at Moody Aviation

Sam started work at Moody Aviation on Tuesday and is excited to be back in the work force!  His title is "Maintenance Instructor" and his duties will include auditing aviation maintenance seminars, working on the planes Moody aviation students use, and teaching mechanics to Moody students.  The priority right now is auditing the maintenance seminars (classes) and the other duties will fit in the breaks between these 1-2 week seminars.  This week is teacher in-service and Sam is getting to know the fellow Moody instructors and his way around the hangar before students come to school.  Starting next week, the day will start with staff devotions at 6:45 a.m. and will end at 3:30 or 4.  Also starting next week is Sam's first maintenance seminar on engines.

There have been a lot of transitions with the Danforth Four lately, so to re-cap in a nutshell, we are currently Proclaim missionaries on loan to Moody to gain experience before we join JAARS and Wycliffe to serve overseas.  One step at a time ;)

We continue to be so grateful to God, Moody, and Proclaim for this opportunity to grow.  We are also grateful to you who have been sending encouraging blog messages, emails, texts, facebook messages and phone calls.  We are continuing to build our prayer and financial support team and are humbled and grateful to those of you who have joined us.

More to come!

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